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Wedding Gowns to Make You Shine

Walking down the aisle in a beautiful, luxurious dress with rows of dazzled spectators watching in admiration is a dream of many a little girl. There is a day when this dream can come true your wedding day. It is a unique occasion when you exchange the vows with your fiance and invite the family and friends to join you in this one-of-its-kind celebration. The importance of the moment gives you ample reason to make the ceremony look and feel special, possibly match your idea of a perfect wedding.

Christina Wu, a brand of renowned House of Wu, wants to help you enjoy this special occasion by designing wedding gowns of excellent quality and matchless originality. Full of creative flair and deep understanding for modern nuptial style, they are sure to make you stand out as the most beautiful bride.

We understand that wedding dresses are not only the expression of your love, but also an important element of a wedding theme. This is why we value diversity and choice that allows future brides to find a unique piece that matches their individuality and sensitivity. We offer a large selection of styles, necklines, lengths, gown types, fabrics, decorations and color so that our wedding gowns are ideal for any body shape, wedding style and budget. With conventions of a perfect wedding ceremony changing, we know how important it is to give discerning brides greater flexibility.

Find a Christina Wu designer wedding dress to you make you shine on the big day!

There are many ways to highlight the unique nature of the wedding ceremony. You can choose a venue that is magical, a place where you and your guests will feel special. You can invite people you have not seen for a long time, but would like to share your nuptial joy with. You can collaborate with your wedding party and your loved ones to define a one-of-its kind style for the celebrations. It will serve to underline the importance of this extraordinary event in your life. Another way to express the uniqueness of the moment is dressing up in items of unforgettable beauty. This is why wedding gowns play such an important role in making your wedding a memorable ceremony.

A designer label of House of Wu, an established fashion house with over 20 years of tradition in bridal and bridesmaid fashion, Christina Wu offers a broad selection wedding dresses created with a focus on creativity, individuality and quality. Our pieces are designed and manufactured to measure, with a clear goal of helping brides live their wedding days to the fullest.

Feel free to browse our collections of outstanding wedding gowns designed to make you shine on the big day.

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