Simple Wedding Dresses

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Simple Wedding Dresses

Once that sparkling gem finds its rightful place on your ring finger, it’s planning time. You’ll have to make numerous choices to make your wedding day perfect, and some of the decisions will feel harder than others. Among hard, yet most pleasurable decisions is your wedding dress choice. Fortunately it’s hard only because at you’ll find more than one gown that will make your heart beat faster, and narrowing down from all of our intricate and simple wedding dresses can take some time. Don’t panic, among all our gorgeous wedding dresses, there is a wedding gown that is just waiting to make your big day.

If you’re planning a laid back wedding, or you love understated elegance, we have a number of simple wedding dresses for you to choose from. Available in different styles, from strapless designs to drop waist wedding dresses, they are all made of the highest quality fabrics to offer you the luxury you deserve on your big day. They come in different shades to bring out the sparkle in your eye and the rosy glow in your cheeks to make you look picture perfect. And most importantly, they are made to order after your measurements are taken at an authorized Christina Wu retail store, so they fit you like a gorgeous second skin.

At Christina Wu we know that aside from looking gorgeous and feeling comfortable on your big day, you just want to be yourself on your big day. Therefore, we offer you the ability to pick a dress that matches your personality, that exudes your confidence, that is the representation of your attitude. So if you love simple dresses, classic designs and fashion forward solutions, you’ll love our wedding dresses that even if simple in design, are intricate as far as detailing and finishing. At Christina Wu, years of experience in the bridal couture industry result in even simple wedding dresses looking extraordinary, so you can feel and look your best on your big day.

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